pronounced kwen-toh | the Filipino word for story, narrative, or tale.



Kuwento Co. is a writing, storytelling, and publishing company that empowers people to become authors who write, tell, and publish their stories, kuwentos.

We help you express your authentic self, provide a space to be heard, inspire others to do the same, and pass down your legacy to the next generation. You can be come a published author today!


Kuwento Co. lives by the following philosophies: 

Excellence - We strive for excellence in everything we do-- our client relations, service, products, leadership, and organization. We do this through constant improvement and evolution.  
Self-Authorship - We believe that each person is the author of their own life and kuwentos. Anyone can write their kuwento with the help and guidance of Kuwento Co. We respect everyone's lived experiences and encourage writing, sharing, and publishing your own stories. 
Preservation- We know that writing your kuwento is part of leaving a legacy for the next generations, making our community's stories accessible to all people.
Connection - We believe kuwentos connect people, unite, heal, and transform individuals and collective communities by coming together to write and share about our common humanity.


Kuwento Co. Dr. Pinky with Grandmother

Our Kuwento

Kuwento Co. LLC was established on September 6, 2021 in Texas by Dr. Pat Lindsay “Pinky” C. Catalla-Buscaino. Kuwento Co. is a take on the Filipino saying, kuwento ko, meaning my story. Kuwento Co. was inspired by Dr. Pinky’s teenage years of documenting and preserving her paternal grandmother's life stories, kuwentos. Dr. Pinky always felt the need to document family stories to preserve and honor their legacy when they are gone. In 2019, Dr. Pinky was able to focus her dissertation topic on the kuwentos of Filipino American community college students. Listening, learning, sharing, and writing about the kuwentos of Filipinos has been a passion for Dr. Pinky. After a decade in the higher education industry, Dr. Pinky decided it was time to turn her business dream into a reality, and create Kuwento Co. to empower others to write, tell, and share their own stories.


About Dr. Pinky

Dr. Pinky Headshot

PAT LINDSAY C. CATALLA-BUSCAINO (she/her), known as Dr. Pinky, is the Founder and CEO of Kuwento Co. LLC, a woman-and BIPOC-owned publishing company. She is passionate about helping people write, share, tell, and publish their life stories, kuwentos. She is driven to create the largest collection of kuwentos in the world so that BIPOC and marginalized communities, such as the Filipino community, will always have a voice, be remembered, honored, and represented by their own accord.

Dr. Pinky is a scholar-activist, community leader, public speaker, and educator. She has 2 decades of combined experience in higher education and grass-roots community organizing for the Asian American Pacific Islander community and the Filipino American community. Dr. Pinky is the current President of Filipino American National Historical Society-Houston, Texas Chapter (FANHS-HTX) and one of the founding chapter charter members since 2015. She is a proud alumna of the University of California, Riverside, University of Houston, and Sam Houston State University.

As an independent and boutique publisher, she debuted her publishing company with 6 author’s life story, heirloom books: Chasing A Dream, The Oscar Tree, Living An Inspired Life, Salaysay Ng Aking Buhay: The Story of My Life, The Roots, and Bakas Ng Aking Buhay: The Footprints of My Life. The Kuwento Book: An Anthology of Filipino Stories + Poems is the first anthology of Kuwento Co. and the premiere book of The Kuwento Book Anthology Series. Get connected with Dr. Pinky at info@kuwentoco.com or follow her on social media @KuwentoCo and @PatLindsayBuscaino