Press Release for With Love: What We Wish We Knew About Being Queer and Filipino in America

Press Release for With Love: What We Wish We Knew About Being Queer and Filipino in America


Kuwento Co. Proudly Announces the Upcoming Release of Dr. Dustin Domingo's Powerful New Book: "With Love: What We Wish We Knew About Being Queer and Filipino in America"

HOUSTON, TEXAS - August 1, 2023 Kuwento Co., a leading publisher of diverse and thought-provoking Filipino American stories, is delighted to unveil an exciting collaboration with esteemed educator, artist, and writer, Dr. Dustin Domingo. The company is proud to announce the publication of his highly anticipated book, "With Love: What We Wish We Knew About Being Queer and Filipino in America," slated for release in Spring 2024. With Love will feature a collection of letters by LGBTQIA+ Filipinos with lived experience.

With Love

Dr. Dustin Domingo is a trailblazing figure from Southern California, whose academic expertise in organizational leadership is driven by his passion for practical and creative applications of cultural competence. As an advocate for amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA+ and/or Filipino communities, Dr. Domingo’s groundbreaking projects have been a source of inspiration and empowerment.

Among his notable achievements, Dr. Domingo serves as a visionary producer and host of influential podcasts, including “MeSearch, featuring Filipino Perspectives" and "HAVE YOU MET… with Dustin Domingo." These podcasts provide a platform for diverse voices to share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs, fostering understanding and dialogue within and beyond the community.

In addition to his exceptional contributions as an educator and podcaster, Dr. Dustin Domingo is an accomplished musician, having performed live with the acclaimed a cappella group, Filosophy. This collective of Filipino American singers has graced renowned stages such as those at the Festival Philippine Arts and Culture, Disney’s California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. His original songs, "Leap," "Simple," and "Lonely Mind," are amongst the featured tracks in the highly celebrated discography by Norco Music.

The forthcoming book, "With Love," is a testament to Dr. Domingo's dedication to shedding light on the diverse and profound experiences of being queer and Filipino in America. Through a collection of heartwarming and poignant narratives, this book aims to offer insight, empathy, and strength to those navigating the intersections of identity, culture, and love.

Dustin Domingo

"Dr. Dustin Domingo beautifully encapsulates the essence of 'With Love' in his own words and through the stories of the Filipina/x/o LGBTQIA+ community," stated Kuwento Co. Founder and CEO, Dr. Pat Lindsay “Pinky” C. Catalla-Buscaino. 

Dr. Domingo says, "During a time when book bans and the erasure of marginalized communities are part of public discussion, it’s especially important to create even more literature by and for people like me. Growing up as a gay Filipino American, I didn’t have access to media like 'With Love.' Stories shape our sense of self and I would have loved to see more LGBTQIA+ Filipinos in books, TV, film, in music, or online. 'With Love' is many things. Perhaps most importantly, it's a collaborative effort to create a major historical artifact that we can pass onto future generations. My hope is that 'With Love' will boldly state that we were here, this was our experience, and you’re welcome to use what we’ve learned to find ways to live authentically and to thrive."

For those who are interested or know someone who is interested in contributing to "With Love: What We Wish We Knew About Being Queer and Filipino in America,"  you can submit your letters at by August 28, 2023. More information about the release and pre-order details will be accessible on the official Kuwento Co. website, as well as Dr. Dustin Domingo's personal website at

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