Krystelle Robeniol

KRYSTELLE ROBENIOL wrote the chapter, "Press Release" in The Kuwento Book: An Anthology of Filipino Stories + Poems. Her moving poem talks about the importance of sharing all our stories, and to not let anything or anyone hold us back. Krystelle says, "I hope to empower you to tell [your story] without shame."

Krystelle is a lifelong learner and has a passion for education, service, outreach, and conflict resolution. She received her BA in Sociology, MA in Organizational Psychology, and a graduate certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching. She is a learning coach, client success manager, professional mediator, a writer, a dog mama to two pups and a mama to a new human being in the summer of 2023. She lives in Anaheim, CA with her loving and wonderful husband, JB.

Watch Krystelle's interview this week and purchase The Kuwento Book: An Anthology of Filipino Stories + Poems to read Krystelle's chapter:

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