DUSTIN DOMINGO Ed.D. wrote 3 chapters in The Kuwento Book: An Anthology of Filipino Stories + Poems, entitled "Am I An Introvert?", "Plastic", and "A Gaysian Thanksgiving". Dustin is an educator who challenges conceptualizations of professionalism and leadership. He advocates for the representation and empowerment of minorities in spaces from the workplace to social media. 

Outside of his 10+ years in education, Dustin is a musician and podcaster. With Filosophy, an a cappella group composed of Asian American singers, Dustin is a regular performer with credits at the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disney’s California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. Dustin also co-hosts MeSearch, a podcast which features critical conversations with friends and trailblazers in the Filipino community. Follow Dustin @itsdustindom.


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